"You Are Your Life's Most Valuable Asset"

Invest in Yourself, Develop Yourself, Benefit From Yourself

Be The Boss of You!

What does it mean to be entrepreneurial?

What virtues do entrepreneurs have and what behaviors do they exhibit? What kind of character do successful entrepreneurs tend to have? What is the specific role of entrepreneurs in the economy? What do entrepreneurs do, precisely? How can I be an entrepreneur?

Most people identify an entrepreneur as someone who creates a business and assumes the risk of doing so in return for profits. While this description is correct, more broadly entrepreneurs create value by moving resources into more productive uses. They do this through innovating new products or services and processes to replace old ones and by discovering unnoticed opportunities to profit and act on those opportunities.

My Motto

Don’t waste time. It’s the one thing we will never have enough of.

Don’t put off your dreams, don’t delay on achieving your goals, don’t not do what you can do.

Embrace change… Because it’s going to happen anyway.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

To get things done you need to take action. Things seldom happen on their own.

So Go for the Gusto!  Bust a Move!  Take a Chance!

Reach for The Stars!

Benefits of Coaching

Main benefits of coaching to recipient

Generates improvements in individuals’ performance/targets/goals by up to 84%. It also increases openness to personal learning and development  by up to 60%. Will help identify solutions to specific work-related issue by up to 58%. Provides greater ownership and responsibility by 52%, Develops self-awareness by 42%. Coaching improves specific skills or behavior  by up to 38%, Create greater clarity in roles and objectives by 37% and will help correct behavior/performance difficulties by 33%.

Main benefits of coaching to the organization

Allows fuller use of individual’s talents/potential by. Demonstrates commitment to individuals and their development. Higher organizational performance/productivity. Intrinsically motivates. Improves relationships between people/departments.